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13,700,001 on Google?

“Hey, I think I’ll start a new career selling my marketing expertise to businesses. Now I just have to get the word out. I know, I’ll set up a web site and wait for my future clients to contact me.”

Let’s assume you’ve thought out your business plan and you now have a web site ready to go. It’s time to spread the word that the best marketing consultant on the planet is now available.

Where to start? Hopefully, you have a base of prospects in mind. To be sure, it’s a limited base but you can add to it later. So, you market your business through the usual channels: direct mail, telephone, emails, etc.

Get a few hits? Good. Signed up a client or two? Great! Now what? You know that a couple of clients will never sustain your business. You must find more. Time for some web marketing.

All I can say is, fasten your seat belts...

I’m not trying to dissuade anybody from using the web, these days it’s the way to go. I’m just putting out red flags to you who want to give it a shot.

You do know all about keywords, indexes, meta-tags, off-site links, site maps, titles, descriptions, googlebots, SEO, Black Hat vs. White Hat, etc. right?  No?  You haven't lived.

Your first step will probably be to register your site with Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Easy enough, really. If you need some help, give this site a try. All done? Swell.

Now, go do a Google search on marketing consultants. At the time of this writing, there were 13,700,000 listings of Marketing Consultant on Google. You’re in there somewhere, right? Wrong! You won’t even be listed for a few days to a few weeks. Google has to “see” your site first. They send out these little crawlers or “Spiders” to find you. And, when they do, they search for keywords (words that describe the content on your page.) In your case, some of these words would be: marketing consultant, marketing, consultant, etc.

If you knew what you were doing when you first designed your site or, if you had someone design it for you who knew what they were doing, you’ve properly included these keywords in your source page. No? Do it now or you’re going nowhere.

Good to go, right? Wrong...again!

Remember, there are more than 13,700,000 other listings that contain the same keywords. I hate to tell you this but, at this point your site is probably number 13,700,001 +/- 500.

You see, you’re new. You don’t stand a chance of being listed anywhere near the top 50%. With all

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