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Marketing Group, Inc.

A division of:


 Sales Database    1,813,000   

  Accounting/Billing  Database    37,000   

  Administration/Management  Database    61,000   

  Affluent Americans    3,500,000   

  African Americans Database    22,000,000   

  Agent  Database    26,000   

  Annuities/Financial Prospects    30,733,000  

  Architect  Database    35,000   

  Armed Forces  Database    128,000   

  Assembler  Database    51,000   

  Assistant Manager  Database    55,000   

  Barber/Hairstylist  Database    66,000   

  Bookkeeper  Database    47,000   

  Builder  Database    34,000   

  Business Owners Database    347,000   

  Carpenter/Furniture  Database    57,000   

  Cashier  Database    65,000   

  Clerks  Database    190,000   

  Consumer Database    230,000,000   

  Contractor  Database    28,000   

  Cosmetologists  Database    1,075,000   

  Customer Service Rep  Database    42,000   

  Dental Assistant  Database    57,000   

  Dental Hygienist  Database    94,000   

  Dentists  Database    85,000   

  Dietician  Database    28,000   

  Director/Executive  Database    38,000   

  Drivers  Database    106,000   

  Electrician  Database    64,000   

 Ethnic Database    215,000,000   

  Factory Worker  Database    27,000     

 Families with Children Database    28,000,000   

  Farmer/Dairyman  Database    35,000  

  Finance  Database    31,000   

  Firefighter  Database    22,000     

  Foreman/Crew leader  Database    83,000   

  Health Care  Database    28,000  

  Healthcare & Insurance Database    51,000,000

  Healthcare Providers Database    1,800,000     

 HIP & AD Insurance Prospects    49,872,000    

  Hispanic Americans Database    28,000,000   

  Homemakers  Database    7,056,000   

  Homeowners Database    65,000,000   

  Housekeeper/Maid  Database    31,000   

  Inspector  Database    26,000   

  Instructor  Database    39,000   

  Insurance Agents  Database    709,000   

  Juvenile Term Insurance Prospects    9,698,000   

  Laborers  Database    2,701,000   

  Lawyers  Database    119,000   

  Licensed Practical Nurses  Database    470,000

  Long-Term Care Insurance Prospects    24,956,000      

  Machine Operator  Database    36,000   

  Machinist  Database    50,000   

  Mail-order Buyers Database    95,000,000   

  Maintenance  Database    68,000   

  Managers  Database    3,361,000   

  Mature Market Database    98,000,000   

  Mechanics  Database    254,000

  Medical Insurance Prospects    8,040,000   

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This list of files contains the vast selection of selects that are available. Some are already shown on their individual pages, others are not. Please contact us regarding questions on any of these files.