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American Consumer Lists

Where do we get off saying that our consumer lists are any better than the others? Easy. No one uses more sources or updates their lists more frequently that the data used by AmeriFound.

AmeriFound’s database is the most comprehensive, multi-sourced, demographically selectable consumer file available, with 262 million U.S. consumers by ethnicity, language spoken and religion.

Reliable: Addresses are standardized, 100% ZIP + 4® coded, and processed through multiple United States Postal Service® routines for superior deliverability.

Authoritative: Records are date-verified and continuously updated – and we automatically suppress deceased names as well as names on DMA Preference files and state and federal Do-Not-Call lists.

Stable: In more than 30 years of heavy use by marketers from virtually every industry and category, AmeriFound’s data has proven its value as an accurate, reliable source of success.

Flexible: AmeriFound’s data is compiled at the individual level but householded together from common addresses to provide individual, household or address-level targeting.

Demographic Data: Geography, age, family makeup, home ownership, occupation: Reliable demographic data is the foundation of countless marketing efforts. AmeriFound brings you the most current, accurate demographic data available.

Reliability: Reliable demographic data is the foundation of countless marketing efforts – and AmeriFound’s Demographic databases are an unparalleled source of the most current, accurate demographic data available.

AmeriFound’s databases include unique segments, as well as more usable data than competitors:

• Presence of Children
• Ethnicity
• Buying Patterns
• Areas of Interest
• Buyers
• Frequency of Purchases
• Types of Purchases
• Value of Purchases

American Consumer Lists

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New Homeowners

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