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Americans & Their Money


Mature Insurance Responders

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Americans with Money are groups of individuals carefully segmented by various financial histories:

The Refinance List identifies individuals who have either refinancing their existing mortgages or, by acquiring a home equity loan, many of these American consumers have suddenly increased their disposable income. With extra spending power, these homeowners are very attractive to marketers of all types. Typically, homeowners who reduce their monthly mortgage payments due to a more favorable interest rate are receptive to adding monthly purchases considered difficult before. These homeowners are good prospects for a variety of household products and services from furniture to lawn service to high-speed Internet access.

Homeowners with refinanced mortgages or equity loans are creditworthy since they have recently been approved for substantial credit. They are good candidates for a variety of offers from home improvement products and services to investment opportunities. They are also a ready source of fresh names for continuity and national marketers.

Mature Insurance Responders are over 50 and make great candidates for increased medical coverage as they near retirement. These senior insurance responders are also a good audience for investment opportunities. Term life, annuities or even long-term care insurance offers are being seriously considered by this group. This data allows you to target potential insurance buyers based on our proprietary Senior Insurance Responder Index.

The Charitable Giving data identifies those who have given to worthy causes. With today’s many charities, it’s more critical than ever to ensure your donation requests reach the correct audience. Along with identifying a donor, it's important to relate to their income range and their likely gift amount. This database allows you to target potential donors based on both of these variables. This database comprises individuals who are likely to donate to a cause or interest.

The Wealthiest Americans Database does not determine wealth on a single factor alone. Instead, this list is based on the combination of factors that most influence a person’s ability to buy. The Wealthiest Americans database has the highest combined income, net worth and home value in each state, which means that you reach consumers who are not only surviving, but thriving, in this recessionary time. Most are aged 50+ with incomes above $250,000 and net worth exceeding $500,000. They live in upscale homes valued at $300,000 and higher, with a length of residence averaging eight+ years. These highly responsive consumers hold premium credit cards that they use frequently.

The Credit Card Users database has been collected from self-reported surveys, warranty cards and financial sources, these individuals are creditworthy and good candidates for insurance, retail or credit card offers. With information available on standard versus premium card holders you can target more affluent individuals with cruises, high-end retail, luxury cars, life insurance or additional premium card offers. Multiple card holders are also good prospects for card consolidation credit offers.

Americans & Their Money