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Direct Mail...Still Viable?

If you’re of the mind set that says direct mail is a relic from the past, you may want to re-think that opinion. Many facts point to direct mail as the champion of direct marketing. Far from being a dinosaur, direct mail continues to give the marketer more bang for the buck. Consider the following:

No other marketing medium comes close to matching these kind of numbers. While email marketing is an excellent addition to direct mail, by itself you may be missing the boat.

Small and/or new businesses have little chance of getting high-listed on Google, Yahoo, or other search engines. If you’re not on the front page of these sites, chances are you’ll never be found. Unfairly, search engines use, among other qualifiers, the number of clicks to a site to determine the ranking. If your web site is new, you have very few options but to put your web site name on other marketing venues.

Direct mail becomes the optimal way to accomplish this. You are not only marketing your services or products but, you’re also getting your web presence known to those who would not otherwise see it.