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Marketing Group, Inc.

A division of:


because Bob J. Smith, Robert J. Smith and Robert J. Smith, Jr., all at the same address, would escape the de-duplicating process. Hence, you are paying for the same name 3 times.

Ancillary selections: Optional selects such as income, net worth, home value, etc. are nebulous at best. It’s the best the compiler can do with the lack of access to private records (obviously, the IRS is not going to make their records public and no bank in it’s right mind is going to release client data.)

Home value is determined by the original deed records but values change up or down annually. A house purchased in 1950 for $12,000 may easily be worth $150,000 today. The deed records will not reflect this.

So, what’s a compiler to do? In a word...guess. Estimate, if you will.


Census data: This tells the compiler general information by neighborhood “blocks.” These census blocks are broken down by area depending on population, land size, etc. Each is then given income ranges, home values, net worth, etc. Not perfect. However, you play the hand you’re dealt.

Product Registration Cards: These are the warranty cards that you send in when you’ve purchased a new refrigerator or whatever. There is an amazing amount of personal information on these little’s amazing what people will disclose.

Note: You don’t really have to send these cards in. The warranty holds regardless.

That’s our brief summation of the compiler’s mode of operation.

Now, here’s what we do at AmeriFound, Inc: While we are restricted to the same information that is available to compilers, we take our cleansing process several steps further.

Cass Certification: Every client’s list that we process is matched against the most current USPS records...every time. We generally lose 2-3% of the names in this process.

Duplications: This is one area where we excel. We match not only name and zip code, but birth dates, name variations (Bob vs. Robert,) telephone numbers and more to find the elusive duplications that make it through the compiler's process. Our method often kicks out as much as 8% of the names.

However, income, net worth and home value still present us with problems. If you can get us access to those darn IRS records, we’ll be forever in your gratitude.

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